What an incredible day!!

It is an understatement to say that we have had an incredible day.  The blessings just kept coming today and we are so overwhelmed!  Here is a quick snapshot in the best chronilogical order I can remember!

1.  An amazing care package!  My wonderful cousin Michael worked his magic to deliver an amazing, and much needed, care package that really lifted our spirits!!  THANK YOU, MICHAEL!!!!


2. Bryan ordered Jimmy Johns for lunch!!  I know that may not seem like much but a break from a week long sretch of hospital food combined with a hometown favorite…JACKPOT!!!

Our amazing post PICU digs!
Our amazing post PICU digs!
One happy little boy after his first post-flu applesauce!
One happy little boy after his first post-flu applesauce!
Did we mention that it snowed while we were here?!?
Did we mention that it snowed while we were here?!?
The view into the CHOP atrium.  This place is incredible!
The view into the CHOP atrium. This place is incredible!

3. We received our confirmation numbers for our flights home!!  We have been incredibly blessed by the support we have received from our new friends at JetBlue.  When we knew that our originally scheduled flights home would not work, we emailed JetBlue and they said they would help us get home.  Today we got our confirmation and we continue to be amazed by their incredible support!  We LOVE JetBlue!!

4. Logan’s Gift is official!!  This is an incredible surprise several months in the making.  We are all too familiar with the challenges faced by families with brain injured children and we want to help.  Today, we recieved notice from the IRS that our 501C3 application has been processed and we can begin our work to help other families and raise awareness of the amazing work of IAHP so more families can benefit!!  So much more to come on this!!!

Jacob just horsing around with daddy
Jacob just horsing around with daddy

5. We are cleared for discharge!!!!  We have been waiting for approval and delivery of a CPAP machine for Jacob to wear while sleeping.  This was the last piece of the puzzle for our discharge and today it arrived.  Sorry, new friends, we’re outta here!!!!!

As always, thank you all for your amazing love and support!  We will be seeing our incredible team at IAHP this week and then we will head home!  Boy are we ready!  Its been fun, Philadelphia, but its time to go back to California!!

3 thoughts on “What an incredible day!!”

  1. Jennifer and Bryan, I will continue to keep Jacob in my daily prayers as I have, silently over the last year now. Joe, and I are happy that your beautiful Angel has made such great progress in his recovery, and development. We never knew what truly happened until we read the “Story” you have posted. It brought tears to my eyes, and heart with what you both have been through. Joe and I are so very sorry you both had to go through, still going through so much on a daily basis.
    Thank God, and his Angels above, they were helping Jacob get better and for the awesome specialist, doctors, and support from people around the world to help you stay strong. We will miss having you as our neighbors, and though we were never close, we want you both to know we appreciated you as our neighbors, Good neighbors to have across the street from us. Thank you for being you. Joe and I wish you Jennifer and Bryan, nothing but the biggest, and continue happy blessing, and many great things to come for your family, as you make your life over in Phoenix AZ. Prayer’s and Hugs to the both of you from Joe and I.


    Sherryl and Joe Vigliecca @ 14800 E. Juniper Ave.


  2. Wonderful to find you – always get so much inspiration from other families doing IAHP. We are due for our third visit in October. Amazing people. Thank you for sharing your journey, inspirational!!


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