What an incredible day!!

It is an understatement to say that we have had an incredible day.  The blessings just kept coming today and we are so overwhelmed!  Here is a quick snapshot in the best chronilogical order I can remember!

1.  An amazing care package!  My wonderful cousin Michael worked his magic to deliver an amazing, and much needed, care package that really lifted our spirits!!  THANK YOU, MICHAEL!!!!


2. Bryan ordered Jimmy Johns for lunch!!  I know that may not seem like much but a break from a week long sretch of hospital food combined with a hometown favorite…JACKPOT!!!

Our amazing post PICU digs!
Our amazing post PICU digs!
One happy little boy after his first post-flu applesauce!
One happy little boy after his first post-flu applesauce!
Did we mention that it snowed while we were here?!?
Did we mention that it snowed while we were here?!?
The view into the CHOP atrium.  This place is incredible!
The view into the CHOP atrium. This place is incredible!

3. We received our confirmation numbers for our flights home!!  We have been incredibly blessed by the support we have received from our new friends at JetBlue.  When we knew that our originally scheduled flights home would not work, we emailed JetBlue and they said they would help us get home.  Today we got our confirmation and we continue to be amazed by their incredible support!  We LOVE JetBlue!!

4. Logan’s Gift is official!!  This is an incredible surprise several months in the making.  We are all too familiar with the challenges faced by families with brain injured children and we want to help.  Today, we recieved notice from the IRS that our 501C3 application has been processed and we can begin our work to help other families and raise awareness of the amazing work of IAHP so more families can benefit!!  So much more to come on this!!!

Jacob just horsing around with daddy
Jacob just horsing around with daddy

5. We are cleared for discharge!!!!  We have been waiting for approval and delivery of a CPAP machine for Jacob to wear while sleeping.  This was the last piece of the puzzle for our discharge and today it arrived.  Sorry, new friends, we’re outta here!!!!!

As always, thank you all for your amazing love and support!  We will be seeing our incredible team at IAHP this week and then we will head home!  Boy are we ready!  Its been fun, Philadelphia, but its time to go back to California!!

An Unexpected Detour

We have always known that Jacob likes to keep us on our toes and he likes things his way.  We didn’t quite realize that he also enjoyed touring different Children’s Hospitals across the country.  For a family that doesn’t really go places, or do things, Jacob sure makes the most of his limited opportunities.

As you may know, Jacob was born at Children’s Hospital of Illinois at only 23 weeks gestation.  After 2 months, once he was stable, we were flown back home to California where, after a month at a hospital in Sacramento, he was transferred to Children’s Hospital in Oakland.  What we didn’t expect, while on our trip to Philadelphia to see the specialists at IAHP, was a visit to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Jacob has been battling colds since Thanksgiving.  For the last 2 weeks, he has had a nasty cough that really only bothered him overnight.  Unfortunatly, yesterday his condition worsened, as did his cough, and he developed a fever.  So, for the first time in over 2 years post NICU, we had to take him to the ER.  Luckily, we were only about 20 minutes from one of the top Children’s Hospitals in the country.

imageJacob was assessed, treated and admitted into the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.  He is still on significant supplemental oxygen, but he is much more comfortable than last night.  So far, we have been able to rule out pertussis (yay!) but we do not yet recieved the results of the viral panel.  We also do not yet know how long we will be here.  It is a “wait and see” type situation.

In the meantime, please keep our little guy in your prayers.  I will try to keep updates coming, but mostly we will be snuggling our sweet little patient.


Whoops!  I almost forgot!  Happy St Patty’s day (see Jacob’s green blanket!) and Happy Birthday Jaime!!  Auntie Pie, Uncle Bryan and Jacob love you!

****JACOB UPDATE****  Jacob has tested positive for Influenza type A.  I am so grateful that we did give him his flu shot or this could be much worse.  A reminder to all that getting your flu shot can reduce exposure to fragile little ones like Jacob.  I am also comforted to know that all of Jacob’s volunteers have had their flu shots so we dont have to worry that we exposed them to influenza either. Jacob will be given an anti-viral that is shown to reduce the duration and severity of influenza.  I hope to have more updates soon,

Congratulations little man!

Congratulations Jacob!  You are officially a lady’s man!!  You don’t even need Couvoisier or a fish sandwich (fans of SNL will get that little joke)

Last weekend was an absolute blast for mommy and Jacob.  My wonderful friends came to visit and brought their beautiful little girls.  Jacob was the man of the house as Bryan was off to Phoenix to visit his mom.  We had an amazing weekend of babies and girlfriends with the only dresscode being yoga pants!

Jacob has friends for life with these beauties!  032We loved watching them interact!

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On a side note, since I completely forgot to post a reminder, the Norwex fundraiser will remain open for another week.  If you are interested in helping us raise money for Jacob’s upcoming visit to IAHP by trying out these great products, you can place on order HERE until next Sunday, March 8.  If you missed the last post, click here and you can find the catalog and links to past posts with our favorite products!

If you would prefer to make a straight donation, CLICK HERE to access our GoFundMe site.  Every bit helps and you can make a donation in any amount you like.  We have $4500 to go!

Thank you all for continuous love and support!  More great updates to come!!