Come play with Jacob!

We are excited to announce our first Knockerball Tournament fundraiser to help fund Jacob’s twice yearly visits to IAHP in Philadelphia.  This is certain to be an absolute blast for all to come to play!  Sign up today… we only have room for 16 teams!


So what is Knockerball?!  Just imagine playing soccer inside a giant bubble.  Super fun, right!?  Well it gets even better!   We will also have a Bossaball quart set up, which is a giant inflated volleyball court with trampolines in the center!


For details and to sign up, please visit our Facebook page I Am On Team Jacob.  There you will be able to buy tickets.  You can register as an individual, or as a team of up to 7 people! If you would like to support Jacob, but cannot attend, you can make a tax-deductible donation by clicking here!

We have set up this day of play to help our little boy have a fighting chance to play as well!  He is doing so well and inspires us every day!  Please join us for this incredible event and help Jacob continue his treatment at IAHP!  Remember to visit and “Like” the Facebook page, I Am On Team Jacob, to keep up on this great event and more Jacob updates!

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