This one is for Izzy, and all the others out there…

A couple of days ago, I received an email from a concerned mother. She graciously and passionately shared the story of her daughter Izzy. I felt so blessed to have an opportunity to help her navigate these uncertain waters and her email reminded of why I started writing our story in the first place.

Seven years ago, I was searching for answers for Jacob. That search continues today, but I have learned many valuable lessons along the way. Our journey is certainly not over and I have so much more to share from all we have done in the past 3 or so years since I have written.

So, here is my plan. I will begin to write about each of the therapies we have tried over the past 3 years. Some have been more impactful than others, but all have helped us learn more about Jacob. I will also ask that you submit questions that your have or ideas for topics of discussion. I am in no way an expert…especially about your child. I am as close to an expert on Jacob as they come and my goal is to help as many others as possible to find what will work for their children.

I will also reach out to those who know more than me, as there are many, for guidance and contributions. I know we can all learn more from each other and if this forum aids in that, we have all succeeded.

Here are some topics I am considering:

  • HBOT
  • Stem Cells
  • WeFlow / ABR
  • Movement Lesson
  • Nutrition
  • Seizures
  • Equipment
  • Traveling with a Special Needs Child
  • MNRI
  • Brain Plasticity Center
  • Napa Center
  • Fundraising

If you have an idea for a topic you would like me to discuss or a question you would like me to research and address, please email me at

Thank you and it feels so good to be back!!

~ Jen