Congratulations little man!

Congratulations Jacob!  You are officially a lady’s man!!  You don’t even need Couvoisier or a fish sandwich (fans of SNL will get that little joke)

Last weekend was an absolute blast for mommy and Jacob.  My wonderful friends came to visit and brought their beautiful little girls.  Jacob was the man of the house as Bryan was off to Phoenix to visit his mom.  We had an amazing weekend of babies and girlfriends with the only dresscode being yoga pants!

Jacob has friends for life with these beauties!  032We loved watching them interact!

018 - Copy 007 - Copy 048 045 022 020

On a side note, since I completely forgot to post a reminder, the Norwex fundraiser will remain open for another week.  If you are interested in helping us raise money for Jacob’s upcoming visit to IAHP by trying out these great products, you can place on order HERE until next Sunday, March 8.  If you missed the last post, click here and you can find the catalog and links to past posts with our favorite products!

If you would prefer to make a straight donation, CLICK HERE to access our GoFundMe site.  Every bit helps and you can make a donation in any amount you like.  We have $4500 to go!

Thank you all for continuous love and support!  More great updates to come!!

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