A small change; a BIG impact!

When Jacob came home from the hospital after 4 months in the NICU, I knew it was extremely important to make our home a safe, healthy place for him.  I had been turned into a certified germaphobe and was determined to kill any living micro-organism within a 10 mile radius of our house.  I bought stock in Lysol and anti-bacterial hand gel.  I removed every hand towel from our home and alerted Costco of our intent to clear their inventory of paper towels.  I even talked the NICU nurses into snagging a couple containers of the hospital grade super disinfectant to take home with us.  I was ready for my war with germs and bacteria.

And then I found out I had done it all wrong…

My intentions were certainly honorable.  However, my tactics utilized the wrong weapons.  I was sieging chemical warfare on germs in my home.  The problem was that we still lived it, breathing the air that I just filled with chemicals.  I was spending a fortune on paper towels to eliminate the cross contamination of hand towels and, although I didn’t realize it at the time, I was cleaning twice as often because all the cleaners I used left residue on our surfaces that attracted more dirt.

Then, my mom introduced me to Norwex.

Norwex is a company that makes cleaning cloths designed to eliminate the need for chemical cleaners in your home.  By using their micro fiber cloths, I began to clean virtually my entire home with JUST WATER.  But wait…what about the germs??  I HAD to kill the germs!

So, Norwex microfiber is not like just any microfiber cloth you can find.  It uses fibers 1/200th the size of a human hair, versus standard microfiber that is just 1/6th, and it has micro-silver woven in to battle the germs.  The cloth, just damp with water, picks up and locks in all of the grime and germs and then the micro-silver goes to work using its self-purification properties against mold, fungi and bacteria.  It creates an environment where the germs cannot reproduce and they die.  The cloths can be used multiple times and then thrown in the wash.  They even have a 2 year warranty.

When I first heard about Norwex I thought, “Well, isn’t that nice, but big deal.”  However, knowing the importance of ridding my home of chemicals, I went to the Norwex website to find where I could learn more about these products and I asked my local consultant to give me a demonstration.  When I saw this, I was blown away…

Norwex had its newest customer.  I ditched the chemicals and paper towels and was amazed at how much easier cleaning could be.  I even told a few friends and family members about my new discovery.  Just recently a received an email from my mother-in-law in Phoenix about her experience,

 I finally got around to using the green and purple cleaning cloths and only because somehow in one of Bryan and my conversations we got to talking about them.  I think he was telling me how he used them for cleaning his truck and I had, after nearly a year, not even touched mine.  Anyway, I got them to clean mirrors so I wouldn’t have that nasty white streaking.  The past two weekends I have cleaned all the mirrors, tv screens and whatever else was glass and they are fabulous.

The mirrors sparkle with no white streaks, and usually when I clean them, the next weekend they are dusty again.   I cleaned the mirrors a week ago, we are now one or two dust storms later and when I looked at the mirrors  this weekend the dust had not even accumulated.  WHOA this is awesome and instead of cleaning them again I went on to clean other glass items.  Thank you and just sorry it took me so long to get with the program.

So, I decided its time to share the word about this great discovery.  Norwex makes MANY products for your home, car and body.  I started with the Enviro Cloth and Window Cloth, but now I have most of the kitchen and bath products as well, and I am equally thrilled.  If you would like to give them a try and reduce the chemicals and cleaning time in your home, here is a great opportunity.

We are hosting a Norwex fundraiser and 35% of all sales will go to Jacob’s revisit to The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential in Philadelphia.  You can make a big difference in your home and help us get Jacob to his specialists all at once!  Check out the links below to view the catalogs and then follow this link to place your order.

Product Catalog:  2014_Product_Catalog_US_WEB2

Fall 2014 Products

Party link:

(**update, since the fundraiser is now closed, I have updated this link to a general site where you can place an order)

Just click the Party Link above and you will be directed to the site where you can make your purchases.  All purchases made from this link will automatically count towards Jacob’s IAHP fundraiser.  This will be open and active until Monday, August 25th at 8pm EST.

If you would like more information about Norwex, use the following links:

Wall Street Journal assesses Norwex

More Product Demonstrations

30 Chemicals to avoid in your household

If you have any questions or comments, please comment on this post (link below) and I will respond.

Thank you so much for your support and we hope these products make as much of a difference in your home as they have in ours.

5 thoughts on “A small change; a BIG impact!”

  1. What a great demonstration and of course a fantastic little assistant! I love all my norwex products and couldn’t live without the enviro cloth and window cloth. But, second to those are the bathroom scrubbing mitt and cleaning paste which remove even the toughest of hard water spots from my glass shower doors without the harmful chemicals!

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  2. Awe, Jacob, you did such a great job!!

    We LOVE Norwex in our house too! If I had to pick just one favorite…I would say the MOP System!!! With little people and pets crawling on our floors and then putting their hands/paws in their mouth I refuse to use chemicals! Now I don’t have to go BUY silly mop pads or the chemicals to spray on first… I only turn on the faucet and get the wet mop pad and mop away. I walk away knowing my floor is clean, my kids will be safe and all the bacteria is locked into the mop pad.

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  3. First – congratulations to Jacob!! I had the honor to be there when he crawled off the patterning table yesterday! I’m still crying with joy every time I think about it!
    Second – there are a lot of great products here and every house should have at least an envirocloth or two and a window cloth to polish things up. I cannot live without my bath towel and body cloth but the favorite product for most of my friends is the mop system. Easy to use and super effective.


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