Please help us share Jacob’s story


So you may be asking yourself, “Why share this story?  Why put all of this out there for the world to see?” 

About 18 months ago, I was sitting alone, scared for my baby and searching for someone who knew anything about what we were going through.  I can tell you from personal experience, walking in our shoes was very hard.  And not stiletto, “they hurt but boy do they look good” hard, but really, down to the core, tear your heart out, hard. 

Luckily, or as I believe as a part of His plan, I ran across a mother’s blog.  It was so strange how it happened.  The page was a disaster.  The words were overlapping pictures and I had to strain and stretch the page to make anything out.  I couldn’t explain why I was so compelled to get to message of this page, but thank God I was.

I was searching for information on coritcal blindness, blindness due to a problem in the brain, not the eyes, and I found her story.  Because of her story, I found IAHP, and because of IAHP our baby is recovering his vision. He was blind and now he can see.

I want to give that opportunity back to any other family who may need it.  We’re out here, we understand and we want to help. 

So, please, help us get our story out there.  Share this page on Facebook, tell a friend, follow the blog.  You never know who may need it. 

Now here’s some more cuteness from our impromptu photo shoot!

photo 22photo 5photo 3photo 2photo 1

3 thoughts on “Please help us share Jacob’s story”

  1. I know this must be incredibly hard to go through. But the reason I am reading your blog is because my cousin Caitie (injured to incredible) wrote about it in hers. 🙂 keep up the hard work!


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