Oh, what a night!!

**Watch our presentation in this post!!

Thursday night we were honored to serve as the Ambassador Family for the local March of Dimes Signature Chef’s Auction gala.  It was such an incredible opportunity to share Jacob’s story and raise awareness of the real lives saved by the discoveries supported by the March of Dimes.  For those who are not aware of their mission, the March of Dimes funds research to prevent prematurity and help those born too early survive and thrive.  Boy, do we know a thing or two about that!!

Jacob captivated the entire audience and even earned 4 standing ovations!  To top it off, following our presentation was “Fund the Mission.”  This was auction style, straight donation forum where $21,000 was raised for the March of Dimes in just minutes!!  Way to go Jacob!!!

Check out our presentation!  The first video is the amazing creation of our new friend Henry.  He cut and created this from 2.5 hours of video and over 200 pictures…all in a week!!   It was used to introduce our story.  The second video is my speech…please forgive the visual quality.  We hope to have the professional version uploaded at some point.  Henry says “make sure to check the setting (the little gear icon) once the video begins and make sure 1080p is selected for best quality.”  So, without further ado…

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