WooHOOOO!!! He FINALLY hit 20 lbs!!!!

This is a feat that has been long awaited!!  Our sweet little boy has FINALLY hit 20 lbs!!  He has been a great eater since he got over his little post-Philly bug and we couldn’t be more thrilled.


As we were preparing for the trip, we reanalyzed his diet and found that as we had been so focused on maximizing his calories per ounce, we fell out of balance and were giving too much fat.  As a result, he was throwing up way too often.  Just think of the last time you ate a bowl of overly buttery alfredo pasta or something else with a lot of fat.  It makes your tummy feel yucky, right!?  Well, that is what was happening to Jacob.

Thankfully, we caught it and fixed it.  He has been a fantastic eater ever since.  In fact, today he hit 1289 calories and he has been eating 33-35 ounces per day for the past several days!  Boy, I sure hope I didn’t just jinx it.

Way to go, Jacob!!!  Next goal, 23!!

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