Jacob’s most amazing Daddy!

We had a wonderful weekend around here gearing up for the addition of a new therapy for Jacob.  This therapy is called the Gravity Assisted Environment and was developed through a partnership between The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential and NASA.


The device is a track from which Jacob is suspended in the crawling position that allows his movements to easily result in forward motion without the burden of holding his own body weight!  Sounds pretty simple…until you try to build it!

Enter Bryan!!

003 001

When we were in Philadelphia, we had a great opportunity to try out this device.  Jacob loved it and we were thrilled with its possibilities to link his enthusiastic efforts with successful motion.  We had a chance to take pictures of their examples and see some pictures of devices other parents had built.  However, it was up to Bryan to make it a reality in our home.011

He researched, planned and built a truly incredible tool for Jacob.  I am so incredibly proud of his talent and dedication!  We sure are lucky!!


We have seen incredible improvement in Jacob’s mobility in the last 2 months and I am so eager to share how this new tool helps him progress further.  Stay tuned!!

One thought on “Jacob’s most amazing Daddy!”

  1. Jennifer and family,
    It was such a great pleasure being able to install your new air conditioner today and seeing how much it meant to you and your family! All of your amazing hard work and positivity will surely pay off when you get to see that little boy run the little league bases
    someday. I was truly astounded at how passionate you were about your sons recovery and I have no doubts that that little boy was put in your hands by God for a reason. May god bless you and allow all of your dreams as a family come true! My family and I will be praying and rooting for you Jacob!

    Nick Morley


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