No time like the present…

July 25, 2014

Two years ago, possibly to the day, our world was turned up-side-down.  One day, my husband, Bryan, and I were hopping on a plane to my hometown, Bloomington, IL for a baby shower for our twin boys and the next I was strapped to a gurney, loaded onto a helicopter and given the most devastating news I could imagine.


Our world, since then, has been far, FAR different than we ever imagined.  We’ve walked hallways we hardly knew existed, had conversations we never fathomed and prayed harder than ever.  We also met some of the most amazing people, who have shared so much love and support, and we’ve also learned so much about life, love, faith and human development.  We have fought extraordinary battles and have had amazing victories…with plenty more to come.


My hope, with this blog, is to share our story and empower other families to fight for their children.  I must stress that I am NOT a doctor, therapist or a writer.  I am a mother.  I hope that our story helps, heals, brings a smile or inspires you to believe in the amazing power of children.  I hope you enjoy our story…

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