Giving Tuesday – YOU can make a difference!

Today marks the newest “made up” day in the social media, trending world.  Today is #GivingTuesday.  What a wonderful use of media to encourage the world to give back!!

There is no doubt that your Facebook Newsfeed is filled with ads and stories to encourage you to choose their charity for this day of awareness.  I’d like to suggest The Institutes for the Achievement Potential as a very worthy choice for your charitable giving.  The work they do helps families around the world help their children lead the best lives possible.  A life full of hope and possibilities. They provide answers and solutions.  If your heart has been moved by Jacob’s story and you are looking for a tax-deductible option for giving, please click here to donate to the IAHP Founders Fund.  If you would like to help Jacob directly, please click here.

We are so immensely grateful for our amazing supporters.  Thank you for your love an encouragement.  Please remember that every donation, no matter the size makes a difference and helps us get closer to our goal.  It helps us focus all our energy on helping our amazing fighter get well!!  Thank you!!

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